Every BORAH bag exists in a single copy. Unique piece should be made of genuine leather, high quality metal fittings and – a must – by craftsman hands. Otherwise it is not unique.

The following is for numbers lovers:
- it takes 3-4 weeks from an idea to a ready-made bag;
- a craftsman spends up to 40 hours for making one bag;
- high-grade bag of genuine leather can live around 10 years; besides it can reincarnate: just renovate it and enjoy further;
- quantity of pictures made during one photoshoot is about 600, only 7-8 of them will be used in future communication;
- number of professionals involved in birth and life of BORAH brand counts more than 100.

The story started… in 2012 with one bold decision.

My name is Angela Ilkiv – I am the author and designer of BORAH brand.

Was I afraid to leave top position in big corporation and dive in uncertainty of entrepreneurship; to learn new profession of leather accessories making and selling; to lose all the money I had and return to job seeking again with shame? – Yes, I was afraid to death.

I don't advise to everyone to become entrepreneurs – for sure not everybody needs it. To be afraid is absolutely normal – it's our natural defense and you should not ignore it.

I'm not advising, I simply promise – you feel that sweet taste of victory when you are afraid but still do it. And it's like addiction… you can't live without it anymore.

Dare to meet yourself, dare for plan B, dare to recognize you are the only one, dare to be on your side, dare to afford unique things.

Dare today!
Since our planet starts rotating faster than we used to.

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Kyiv, 88-92 Bohdana Khmelnytskogo str.
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Please give us a call before your visit:
+380 67 242 53 18
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