The roles you play

The roles you play

Sometimes your decision on what dress to wear or which bag to choose can let you in a different life, at least for one day.

Design of every Borah bag is developed so detailed that all of them in addition to distinguished form and color receive a unique name. The name tells the story of the woman and predicts the adventures waiting for her.

Came on, admit it – quite often you dream to be like Carrie Bradshaw? To write incisive stories for glossy magazines as she did sitting in the center of the world which means in a New York coffee shop. Do you? Borah Blogger’s Bag is a perfect match for this.

Have you ever found yourself in the middle of travel packing rush when the taxi is beeping and you still haven’t decide – you are in or not?  Borah Voyager – is a travel bag which is just right for a short trip to get new ideas. Sometimes such gallant accessories bring solid confidence that their owner is damn lucky one.

There are many stories of such kind. Try yours.