The only rule is no rules

The only rule is no rules

You can follow this rule in different spheres of your life but in accessories it is the most significant.

Why not to ignore those boring canons and listen to yourself? Do you remember that little girl using mom’s lipstick and trying to put on bright scarfs all together at the same time?  Be frank, are black and brown were your favorite colors?

Basic colors are definitely must have. You are right insisting that dark accessories can make your outfit sharper and more laconic. Black or brown bag is universal and matches the outfit of almost any style.

But such colors become truly basic when they show off the bright accent. The live-colored bag can perfectly emphasize any exact business suite or pair of torn jeans both of which are ancient classic already.

Let’s consider for example, fine olive or blue color suede. The bag made of such material makes you looking forward for a special day. Someone can say – frivolous, but you say – just right for dull routine.  And never mind the opinion of black-and-brown crowd. What’s in your schedule? Morning coffee, office stuff, lunch in a tiny Italian bistro, then again phone calls…stop! Here it is – Italian bistro! Italy, latte, ciabatta, sun, high blue sky – here are things you should focus on. This life belongs to you; you choose emotions, style and the colors.

Is clutch the only variant suitable for nights out? There is definitely a set combination – clutch is just for party, and vice versa – going to the party we grab clutch. Despite clutch is quite a tiny thing it definitely brings you confidence – you look properly.

But didn’t you think that a bit bigger bag – tote or satchel – can give fresh interpretation to your little black dress and underline your tenderness? Same as woman’s hand looks more delicate in man’s paw.

Is leather classic case just for men? What if it belongs to a young lady? She easily combines business trips and yummy portion of ice-cream at the airport. And fine silk blouse on her will look just gentler together with such case.

There is only one rule – there are no rules. You are the only person who decides on your lifestyle. You have a right to choose what is beautiful. And if tomorrow you notice kind of buzz around and concerned faces of your female colleagues, you will know the exact reason.