Devil is in details

Devil is in details

Your wardrobe is a collection of silhouettes, textures, colors and feelings. Choosing the hand-crafted accessory you make this collection is really unique.

All Borah bags are made of genuine leather manually. Color, trimming, thickness and texture of the surface – all these nuances are extremely important to create the complete design. One can touch and feel this yielding, warm and kissable material.

Unusual color solutions are key component of brand philosophy. Traditional back and brown colors are not turned down totally but they are rare players alongside with olive, mint, red wine which are considered to be too bold for everyday life.

Mostly Borah bags have laconic form which intoned by exact furniture of brass or bronze color often with patina.

Metallic décor doesn’t speak to the foreground; it rather emphasizes the color of essential material.

Textile inside the bag is a full player of this assemble, often – quite ironic.  Such match happens thanks to the color again which can look controversial from the first sight, but again adds joy to our life.

Such bag can tell a story about its owner.